Are you planning a honeymoon in Brazil? Or are you interested in going to Brazil for your International trip to somewhere new? Brazil is a beautiful country to visit. It has powdery white sand beaches, buzzing metropolises, lush green rain forests and many experiences to offer to its visitors. Your holiday tour package for Brazil can be extravagant or budgeted, and you still have the time of your life! Brazil is full if energetic people who are full of life. The country can be explored outside of your booked Brazil your package. Going to parties, spending a good amount at bars, trekking or exercising in the morning is the lifestyle of Brazilians.

About the weather to book your Brazil honeymoon tour package

If you are planning to book an international holiday package to Brazil, you should know a few things. There are weather and cultural differences in both nations. Brazil falls in South America. It is in the Southern Hemisphere. The winters, there, are from May to September. It is a tropical country. The temperature stays between 20s to 30s degrees Celsius. The nights get slightly chilly. It is a great international destination to visit in Indian summers. Turn to the best travel agents in Gurgaon for smooth immigration process.

Listed below are the cultural Dos and DON’Ts of Traveling to Brazil.

Do make at least a 10 day trip to visit the beautiful country of Brazil.

Do get vaccinated for yellow fever because the yellow fever vaccination certificate is mandatory for re- entering India.

Do keep a gap of four hours minimum in connecting flights for immigration, customs and check-in.

Do use an authorized taxi service for touring to & from the hotel, airport, etc.

Do confirm your hotel accommodations. Although Brazil tour packages include your hotel accommodations, it is always advisable to confirm again.

Do carry multiple photocopies of your passport with the front, back & visa pages.

Don’t carry your passport everywhere while holidaying in Brazil.

Do use bottled water for drinking while your honeymoon in Brazil.

Do keep emergency contact numbers handy while sightseeing in the beautiful country.

Emergency numbers are- Police: 190, Medical emergency: 192, Fire department: 193, Crime against women: 180.

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Do consult travel agents in Gurgaon for visa fees without hidden charges. The tourist visa costs Rs. 6400/ person, business visa also costs Rs. 6400/ person and an employment visa costs Rs. 8000/ person.

Don’t carry excessive cash on the streets of Brazil.

Don’t use the universal OK sign, unless you want to curse someone.

Don’t try to cause any type of havoc there.

Don’t eat with your hands. Although it is considered to be the right way of eating in India. It is looked down in Brazil.

Do try to learn a bit of Portuguese while booking a holiday tour package for Brazil.

Don’t start conversations about topics you know little about.

Do stay clear of topics relating to politics, poverty, civil war and other such topics.

Don’t put your bags on the table. It is strangely considered bad luck over there.

Don’t purchase a swimsuit while booking Brazil honeymoon tour packages.

Do purchase swimsuits from beaches included in your Brazil tour package.

Don’t tan on the beaches of Brazil. Large amount of direct sunlight might give you a sunburn. It is better to avoid that on your honeymoon in Brazil.

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Dos & Don’ts for Packing Luggage-

Note these tips that will help you pack less & light for your trip to Brazil. These tips are raking into consideration what an average Indian traveller will and won’t require in Brazil. Avoid carrying extra luggage.

Don’t carry jewelry. It is not advised to hear a lot of jewels on the streets of Brazil. You will be keeping it in the locker most of the time. It will become physical and a mental hassle.

Don’t carry a swimsuit from India.

Don’t carry extra towels for the beaches.

Do carry Hawaiian flip flops with you.

Do carry sunblock with at least SPF 30.

Do carry a few photocopies of your passport.

Don’t carry additional Indian food stock such as Gujarati snack items or Haldiram’s. There are many Indian restaurants all over Brazil.

Do carry the itinerary made by tour & travel services in Gurgaon.

Brazil is one of the most exciting destinations to travel. Any second thoughts to visit this colourful nation should be eliminated. Consult travel agents in Gurgaon to get quotes on affordable and cheap Brazil packages and holidays. Nothing beats the idea of travelling to an exotic location such as Brazil itself.