Strike Off “Travel” From Your 2020 Bucket List With Easy Visa Tours!
Strike Off “Travel” From Your 2020 Bucket List With Easy Visa Tours!

Missing the fluffy robes and the huge hotel beds, the view from your window, and the smell of carelessness in the air? We do too! Helping you sort your 2020 bucket list, with Easy Visa Tours it’s time you travel well and fine, honey. It’s no news that mostly all of us have been at the same routine, day and night. The work situation is getting a little difficult to manage as it feels like we’re living at work now. So why not jazz up your work from home scenes!? Travel to these amazing places and end your year on a spirited note!


Add a little golden tint of those majestic sand dunes to your life. The desert life in winters? Already getting chills! It’s time you get the taste of the plush hotels and scenic sceneries viewed from atop a beautiful fort. Rajasthan has always been an essential part of the travel local list, because of the endless forts and the vibrant life, and did we mention the food! Traditional Laal Maas and the Dal Baati Churma, time to plan!


In the mood for some sand in your toes! We’ve got you covered. Our Andaman package is not only the best stress reliever but also the perfect destination to bid adieu to your 2020 blues! An over the top mix of palm white sand beaches, mangroves, palm trees, and rainforests, this place has a special place in our hearts.


We tried to find a new beautiful description of Kashmir valley but kinda failed. It is truly, “The Heaven On Earth”! Fra spread lakes with crystal water, luxurious boat rides, and the dewy winter look. The valley is one of the most beautiful places to travel if you’re looking to travel locally. Also, there isn’t anything better than being surrounded by snow-clad mountains everywhere you look. Nothing beats the Kashmir view. 


Goa life is truly a leisure life. Sunbathing during noon and a visit to your favorite cafe or pub to enjoy a relaxed time with friends, all the while visiting those gorgeous churches and so much more! If you’re looking to make a change to work from home, there is nothing more incredible than Goa. 


Sandbanks, coral islands, crystal clear waters, and your must-visit destination if you’re looking to travel abroad. You could dive in the ocean blue, snorkel away or go surfing against the high waves, Maldives welcomes you with open arms and sunny shores. So if you’re looking to wash the long year away, head to this Island Country now!