Yes, we’ve had it. 2020 was sure shot the Monday of all years and we know the one thing that’ll make you feel better, travelling to your favourite destination! Psst, also travel that fits right into your budget. But it’s also very important to stay safe, take precautions and keep in mind the advised steps and you’ll be safer than most. 

Easy Visa Tours brings to you budget-friendly travels and a chance to make WFH fun! But here are a few precautions that you need to take care of! 

  1. Always Wear A Mask- Several health associations like WHO and CDC have strongly advocated the need to wear a mask. It brings down the spreading rate by a great number and let’s be honest, it’s not a big thing to wear a mask. Probably, the simplest step to do when taking precautions for travelling or even when stepping out. It is absolutely essential to wear one while travelling. Be it, ferries, planes, buses, cabs, metros or any mode of transportation, you gotta wear it honey! 


  1. Social Distancing Is A Must- Yes, you have to stay at least six feet apart from people while travelling. It’s for your good and for theirs as well. Social distancing is an easy and practical way to ensure safe travel, it lessens the contraction rate and also keeps you away from the anxiety when you notice someone sneezing or coughing. 


  1. Wash your hands- Probably the only step that we’ve been endlessly herding since early this year, and it’s no joke. Washing your hands keeps you safe from the covid virus as our hands touch way too many points, doors, bags, windows and the list goes on. You could also try wearing gloves, but they’re mostly made of plastic and we don’t want to harm the environment too much for our own interest. You could reserve the gloves option for real-time emergencies, but whenever possible please be mindful about washing hands. 


  1. Carry A Sanitizer!- Did you get one too in one of your Diwali hampers!? Sanitizers have been a rage. From being a short supply in the market to people making sanitizers at home, we’ve had it with the news. Make sure that your handy sanitizer bottle has the one with 60% alcohol content. Spray it on your hands, the place you sit or the tables, no one will judge you. 


  1. Avoid Touching- The smallest steps are truly essential, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth at every cost! Use a face shield if you find yourself too finicky. We often mindlessly find ourselves fidgeting with our face, so it’s really important that you don’t. 

We know these steps are just precautionary, but they are no less than gospel rules. So if you are dreaming of a vacay, it’s time you handle it like a boss!